The Oxidative Stress Link to Addiction & Mental Health – The Importance of Organic Food

The fundamental cause of dis-ease is oxidative stress caused primarily in today’s world by toxins in our environment, food and water, and medicine. Oxidative stress is another term for free-radical damage which is another term for cellular death. Oxidative stress is caused by toxins in the food, water and air that we eat, drink and breath and it is also caused by the toxins in our personal hygiene, home and garden care, industrial and agricultural pollutants, and medicine – drugs and vaccines.

Oxidative stress also creates an enormous tax on the minimal nutrition you get into your body if you are eating in a conventional way because it requires nutrients to metabolize and eliminate toxins and it also requires nutrients to repair the damage that they have done. And let’s face it, we humans are losing the oxidative stress / repair and replication race because our environment, food, water and medicine are pushing toxins in in alarming amounts while our diets are depleted more and more of the nutrients required to save us from their disease causing nature.


Your body and mind need to be in growth mode (repair and replication of cells) to achieve a healing event and eliminate your symptoms, and greening your diet and environment is the quickest way to get your body into growth mode. Let’s face it, the laws of health are not negotiable and it was your lifestyle that brought you to your healing crisis- if you are in one- so that lifestyle will have to change to enable a healing event. The donuts, pesticides and coffee simply are not worth the blood sugar roller coaster and anxiety they are causing you and taking away your peace and enjoyment of this one precious life.


Healing begins with reverence for the body and that which sustains it, planet earth. I am hoping that the healing you achieve with this introduction to ??Continued Next Page?creating a healthy relationship with food will also encourage a passionate ?reverence for the source of your medicine, planet earth and the bountiful foods it produces which your body requires to detoxify and feed the cells that sustain the beautiful cloth your spirit wears, the protein machine that has developed a relationship with planet earth over three million years – a relationship that when not treated with reverence develops dis-ease, and when treated with the respect it deserves provides not only health but joy, inspiration, peace and a enlivening awareness of spirit.


The American Medical Association published that 85% of dis-ease is caused by diet and lifestyle. The British Journal of Medicine reported that 95% of dis-ease is caused by diet and lifestyle. Then why is it that when you go to the doctor regarding symptoms or conditions of ill health, you are typically given toxic drugs that only add to the toxic conditions that caused your dis-ease and are not provided guidance for eliminating those things in your diet and lifestyle that are hurting you and instructions on how to eat properly for nurturing the body as opposed to destroying it? Contained in this book are the instructions that you should have received the last time you went to the doctor for ANY ailment.


I do a lot of lecturing all over the world and the most common question I get (as well as at The BioSanctuary from my patients) is “But doesn’t organic cost more?” I guess being a nutritional biochemist and knowing very well what pesticides do to a body and mind and how they rob both of health – therefore me of my quality of life, I would never consider cost a justification for putting a poison in my body. However, the good news is that it does not for these reasons:A naturopathic student did a study by creating a meal plan for one week for her family of 4. Fat for fat, protein for protein, carb for carb and saved $1.23.


When you eat right you do not buy snack foods throughout the day such as chips, cookies, gums, and drink cokes and caffeine, etc…Excess simple sugars / carbohydrates cause insulin spikes which cause insulin resistance over time. Both insulin spikes and resistance cause extreme blood sugar fluctuations throughout the day which cause false hunger due to low blood sugar episodes. Your body doesn’t need more food it just thinks it does because your insulin can’t get glucose (energy) into your cells and shut the brain’s hunger alarms off. When the brain goes low on energy it sends out the ??Continued Next Page?signals for you to eat because it is charged with keeping all your involuntary ?survival functions such as heart rate and breathing going.


Anyone that is overweight is likely experiencing some degree of insulin resistance – Syndrome X. Insulin resistance reduces the body’s ability to get glucose into the cells to provide energy for the body and brain so you will eat more than you should at each sitting and more often because the brain can not register the fact that you have enough food in you because the glucose or energy from the food is not making its way into the blood where it can be delivered to the body and brain. False hunger means you eat more – therefore it is more expensive to operate your body.People eat too much. Even if eating organic was let’s say 10% more expensive, I’m sure anyone asking the question “Isn’t eating organic more expensive?” could do with eating 10% less. Obviously your health has not been your priority.


If you want to be healthy, you must develop a healthy relationship with food such as the diet plan we provide at The BioSanctuary. Our health is determined by how close our diet and lifestyle is aligned with the laws of health – laws that were determined by the three million year relationship our body has forged with mother nature. Good food, water, rest, sunlight, recreation / play / exercise and the air you breath are the foundations of health. The better you are at providing yourself these and avoiding toxins in all areas of your life, the healthier you will be.