Which Supplements Are Better: Herbal or Chemical Ones?

In order to function well, the human body needs a wide array of vitamins and minerals. However, getting enough of each of them can be tricky even when complying with all the rigours necessary for a healthy lifestyle. The main problem is that most of these important elements are obtained from food, but the body cannot always take the necessary daily amount of food alone. Also, being able to eat a very balanced diet can be very difficult.

The answer to this problem is represented by supplements. They are usually complexes of vitamins and minerals that are geared towards supplementing those that can be obtained naturally, from food, sunlight, or otherwise. However, not all these products are created equal, and one main difference that sets them apart is represented by the fact that a part of them are synthetic, obtained in labs through various chemical processes, while the rest are natural, obtained from herbal, organic sources.

The main advantage of herbal supplements is that they contain the much-needed vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in a natural form. This means that they are well tolerated by the human body which finds it easier to absorb the active ingredients when delivered like this.

The chemical based ones, on the other hand, can be responsible for triggering imbalances in the body. The thing is that, when the body is exposed to too much of a certain vitamin or mineral from a natural source, it has readily available mechanisms to get rid of the excess. When these are delivered in a chemical compound, the body is more exposed to overdosage and health problems can occur.

There are many supplements obtained from natural sources. A good idea is to stick to herbal products, as they have fewer side effects, they are better tolerated by the body, and they also ensure better absorption for those elements that are missing.