How to Get Ready For Your Pregnancy

Ready to carry your baby for the next nine months? Most new moms wouldn’t think so. Here are some must-read tips for someone who has just heard the good news!

Calculate The Baby’s Due Date

Once you have figured out that you are pregnant, it is time that you book an appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist as soon as possible. You can go ahead and book your appointment as soon as possible. Talk to the OB/GYN about all your doubts and problems when it comes to going through pregnancy. Once you have visited the specialist you will be given the due date of the baby upon request. Then you can prepare to carry your child for the next nine months.

Get Ready For the Pregnancy

If you are going to be working during your pregnancy, it is a good idea that you inform the employer beforehand. This strictly depends on the nature of the relationship you have with your employer. Also, know that just because you are pregnant it does not give your employer the right to treat you any differently or fire you under any circumstance. You can invest in some classy and chic designer maternity clothes to go through the rest of the months.

Proper Pregnancy Care

This will depend on how your first appointment with the OB/GYN kicks off. The doctor will give you necessary instructions as to how to go ahead and take care of your unborn child. Your doctor will then direct you to a midwife in the area. This will however happen around the 8th or the 9th week of your pregnancy. You can also refer yourself to the midwife however, consulting a doctor is a better idea since the doctors would know which midwives to choose from.

Self-Assess Your Health

Try and figure out your BMI once you get to know that you are pregnant. You will also have to check your intake of caffeine as well. If your BMI is not within range it is time that you try and get things in perspective. You will also have to think twice about your caffeine intake. Now that you are eating for two, you can come up with a healthy food intake system. Consult your doctor about what you should take during the time of the pregnancy. You will more likely be given a specific eating schedule or a set of foods to eat if you have any existing conditions the likes of diabetes or cholesterol.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

If you do smoke on a regular or an occasional basis, you should completely put an end to it. You will have to stop the consumption of alcohol as well. The consumption of alcohol can harm the development of the baby during the pregnancy which is critical during the time the baby is in the mother’s womb. If you are used to taking alcohol and are unable to quit cold turkey for the baby, you will have to talk to your midwife about your habit which she will be able help you with.