How to Find the Best Jewellers in Melbourne

Jewellers in Melbourne are often sought out by customers seeking custom jewellery, as they’re knowledgeable and committed experts who prioritise high-quality and unique jewellery. In general, better quality jewellery can be purchased through the likes of small jewellers than in jewellery chain stores or similar. If you’re about to buy something special for a loved one, whether it’s personalised or already on sale, choosing the right jeweller is instrumental to your purchase. This is important, as jewellers can only promise quality and a special touch to your jewellery if you choose the right one. Before you go ahead and purchase an engagement ring or other types of jewellery, here are some of the main things to consider when choosing between jewellers in Melbourne.


Look for a Portfolio

A portfolio of impressive products and jewellery pieces is truly the best way to recognise whether certain jewellers in Melbourne work with styles that you’re inspired and impressed by. After all, there’s no point in choosing a jeweller that only offers jewellery that you’re not interested in. If they don’t have a portfolio on display, there’s no harm in simply asking for one.

A valued and trusted jeweller will be able to talk you through some of their best jewellery pieces and experiences, from diamond engagement rings through to tailored necklaces. Use this time to decide whether you enjoy their style and taste, whether this is a jeweller you can see yourself working with, and whether they’re likely to produce the kind of jewellery you desire.

Consider Reputability and Experience

Be sure to check the reputation of the jeweller before you form a relationship with them. Give yourself time to read reviews or testimonials and conduct some research into the jeweller. Reputability and experience can be reflected in a few different ways, from the professionalism of their website through to proof that they’ve worked with a range of different customers.

Look for satisfying experiences and a jeweller that has taken time to establish a good business image and branding – this is often what will set one jeweller apart from other jewellers. You can also ask them how long they’ve worked in the industry in your first consultation, as this can give you an insight into their work ethic and personality.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Whether you meet with a jeweller, email them or call them, it’s good to come prepared with the questions you think are necessary. A simple conversation about your jewellery and what you need will help to achieve a few different things in your journey for reputable jewellers in Melbourne. Asking plenty of questions will help you gain an understanding of their knowledge and how confident they are working to the requirements you have set.

You should also identify whether the jeweller asks you as many questions as you ask them. This allows you to recognise whether they’re passionate and committed to each of their individual customers, helping you to choose jewellers in Melbourne who actually care about the outcome.