Different Types OfWater That’ll Amaze You

Is it dull for you to drink water alone? Are you jaded of it being tasteless and plain? Did you wish that water could have tasted a little different somehow? But one that does not come with any preservatives, sweeteners, or calories because it could’ve ruined your diet? Perhaps, it’s your lucky day today as there are different forms of water that you can now choose from. Just a heads up, you might find some of these products uncommon but hey, they are still considered as forms of water. More importantly, they are tastier than water. Are you dying to know what these are? Here they are:

Chlorophyll Water

It may seem extraordinary to know that water came from a plant’s green pigment – chlorophyll. However, do you know that studies show that these types of water are the ones that are nutritious because of its antioxidant contents? Yes! A good source of antioxidants is green leafy vegetables, which contains high amounts of chlorophyll. Not only it is nutritious but it also has this cool and cucumber-y taste that will definitely refresh your body. These bottles of chlorophyll water are packed with any artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Maple Water

If you want something that is sweeter but does not contain any artificial sweetener, you can try the maple water. It has a light and sweet flavor that hydrates your body. It’s a natural drink that directly comes from a tree. Similar to the chlorophyll water, it is also filled with antioxidants. Not only that, it also contains electrolytes, probiotics, and other essential minerals. This syrupy drink will surely satisfy your sweet tooth and quench your thirst.

Tropical Water

Another option for you to consider a coconut drink, which is revered as tropical water. This drink has a naturally invigorating taste that will surely wake your senses. It is also filled with a variety of electrolytes such as potassium, calcium, manganese, and magnesium. The bottled ones come without artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Hence, you will not only be refreshed with this drink, but you will also feel the tropical vibe.

Blackberry Water

Another natural source of water is the blackberry water. As you may have known, the blackberry is one fruit that is rich in antioxidant. By drinking this blackberry water, you will also harness the antioxidant power of blackberry water. Furthermore, you also get to enjoy the delicious taste of berries that is free of any sweeteners and preservatives.

Watermelon Water

The traditional watermelon shake comes in the form of bottled water! Yes! You might remember ordering a watermelon shake in some beach front while watching some waves and waiting for the sunset. Well, nowadays, a new trend has emerged as the watermelon water comes in a more accessible product. You do not have to go to a beach in order to have a watermelon shake or water. You just have to go to a nearby store, grab watermelon water, and you’re good to go. This water is rich in minerals, polyphenols, and electrolytes.

Indeed, the modern world has helped people from all walks of life to enjoy the taste of the different forms of“water”. Although they come in great variety, you are free to taste each one. Try these out and see which flavor fits your taste!