A Newbies’ Guide to Performing Their Best at The Gym

How do you perform your best at the gym? You might have just started working out, and you don’t feel as motivated as you should. Here’s what you should do.

Sleep Well

There’s no way you can exercise as well as you’d like if you don’t sleep well the night before. Not only would it be hard to perform your best, but you wouldn’t want to hit the gym either. You’d rather stay at home and sleep.

How much sleep is enough? It doesn’t have to be 8 hours. As long as it’s long enough for you to not be tired, you’d be good to go. For some people, this might be 6-7 hours.

Stay Hydrated

Whether you’ll be strength training or doing cardio, you’ll be working up a sweat. Being dehydrated while exercising is not something you want to experience – your head would likely hurt and you could even get nauseous. 

Drinks with electrolytes would be great. It’d be extra hard for you to dehydrate when sipping on them. There are thankfully many around, and you can grab them in different flavours.

Does staying hydrated mean that you should be sipping on water every 10 minutes? No way. You’d likely throw up.

Get Proper Clothes

Invest in gym clothes. For starters, you’d feel more motivated to work out. After all, you have some cool new clothes that you can show off. But more importantly, the clothes would help your muscles move smoothly, letting you perform at your best.

gym clothes
Image Source: Pexels

They’d likely be water-proof, preventing from sweat sticking to your body. And the clothes would be made from compression fabric – you’d feel less sore after working out.

Carb Up

You’re going to go hard at the gym. You need as much energy as you can get. The best way to do this is by eating a carb-rich meal before exercising.

Pre-workout supplements exist as well. They’d provide a boost of energy, but they’re not must-haves. They’re great if you have a very draining job.

Protein bars tend to be rich in carbs as well as ample protein. The cherry on top is that they come in multiple flavours too!

Switch Things Up

Don’t do the same thing at the gym all the time. You would get bored of it. What’s worse is that your body would as well, so the exercises wouldn’t be as effective. This isn’t what you want to hear if you’re trying to build muscle.

Remember to give yourself breaks and take proper intervals too. You’d be unmotivated to continue if you’re continuously exhausting yourself. The heavier the weights, the longer the interval can be.

Final Thoughts

You may not want to exercise. By doing so, you’d be bettering your future self. The above points would help you stay motivated, efficient, and effective. From them, the most important would be keeping your energy levels high. This can be done by getting a good night’s sleep and eating well before your work-out. You can keep your energy high by staying hydrated as well.