How to Take Good Care of Your Underwear?

Buying underwear especially good ones, cost money. So, taking care of them is mandatory. Not only is this hygienic, you would also save money in the long run because your underwear is able to serve you until the end of its shelf life which is about six months to twelve months.

There are several ways you could do to prolong the life of your underwear such as:

Cleaning your drawers regularly

When you clean your underwear drawer regularly and you air it out, you avoid the possibility of mould and mildew growing in the drawer and affecting your underwear. If you have any moisture problem in your home, make sure that this does not affect your underwear drawer. Avoid putting damp underwear in the drawer too.

Make sure that your underwear is perfectly dry before storing. You could even go the extra mile and store your underwear with tissue paper to preserve the fabric and keep it from being wrinkly. Storing them with lavender or cedar wood would also keep moths from living in it. Once you clean out your drawer, check your underwear as well and dispose those that needs to be disposed.

mens boxers
Image Source: Pixabay

Being careful when using bleach

If you prefer wearing white mens boxers and briefs, be careful when washing them with bleach. Sure, bleach would make your white underwear white again but if you are not careful and you chose bleach with chlorine, it would affect your underwear’s elastic. When buying and using bleach, make sure that you choose the non-chlorine type.

Using the right underwear for certain activities

If you know that you will be spending your afternoon or your evening engaging in rigorous activities, make sure that you use the right underwear for this. Not only will you be uncomfortable when playing basketball using boxers or cotton briefs, you might damage the underwear you are wearing as well. Boxers and cotton briefs are not designed to provide support when you go jumping and running so, the fabric might rip and the elastic might be stretched beyond its capabilities.

Washing them using a gentle wash cycle

Underwear even for males are still considered as delicate and must be washed using a gentle wash cycle. You also have to be careful with the temperature because if you use hot water, the fabric would be damaged. When you wash them, make sure as well that you don’t mix the whites with the colours so as to avoid the colours from bleeding into the whites. If you have silk underwear, make sure that you handwash them as they are very delicate and could not survive being washed and tossed into the washing machine.

Even if you properly care for your underwear, you have to remember that you still need to replace them even if they are still wearable after 1 year for hygienic purposes. As a good practice, buy little but often. Buy every time you receive your salary or your allowance. This way, you would not feel that you are spending too much money on underwear and that you always have a clean and presentable one to wear every time.