Equipment Commonly Used at Medical Facilities During Vaccinations

We are all aware of hospitals, dispensaries, and institutions. In fact, the vaccination drive that is currently taking place has shed light on just how much medical equipment is needed to give out a simple injection.

The use of needles, gloves, masks, and syringes is fascinating giving us a good idea of how bad medical waste can be. Maintaining the hygiene levels and quality control is vital for a medical institute to have all these supplies. Have you ever wondered what other items are used daily at a hospital during vaccination drives?

Hazmat suits

The only time we used to see hazmat suits were when surgeons wore them during surgery. They are a full overall kit that acts as a barrier between the body of the person wearing them and external factors. However, during Covid seeing people in these hazmat suits became quite common.

Nurses and Doctors were required to wear them as protective gear when administrating vaccines. These kits can usually be worn at least once or twice before having to dispose of them. The suits were even worn during burials as Covid patients were still taught to be infectious after death.

Syringes and needles

Each vile of the vaccine is individually packed, which is then transferred to a syringe with a needle. This has caused a large amount of medical waste as these can never be reused again. Medical waste is said to be recycled but it is not the case most of the time. This type of waste ends up in landfills or the sea which are a large contributor to pollution.

Image Source: Pexels


Just like the mask gloves are one of the most important forms of protection. Surgical gloves are the most commonly used, however, Nitrile gloves are the other alternative. They are more durable and protect your hands from chemicals.

They are superior to latex gloves and provide more protection too. It is freely available and is even better recommended than ordinary latex gloves. This could even be used for those taking care of a Covid patient If you have no choice but to come into contact with them while they are sick.

Face shields

In the initial days of Covid, we were introduced to things like face shields. While we may have seen these before at hospitals even normal people started wearing them for added protection. Vaccination centers used this a lot as they were required to come into close contact with patients who could be infectious when taking the tests or administering the vaccination.

All this equipment is probably going to stick around for a while. We have all become quite used to seeing them now. They have been manufactured in large quantities without the right disposal method in mind. However, due to its protective purposes, they will be continued to be used till Covid does not pose as a threat anymore. The time period of this although is indefinite.